Wax textile collages on handmade paper

90X68cm approximately

In this work, the artist William Adjété Wilson questions his encounter with the Voodoo religion and its values, which are the common spiritual background of the entire Gulf of Guinea region.

While the basic principles remain the same everywhere, many local variations add to the abundant pantheon inspired by this particular vision of the world and of existence.
With slavery in the Americas, this religion diversified further in a new environment (Brazil, West Indies, etc). Today, there are nearly 100 million followers worldwide.
In Voodoo mythology, Vodouns, like humans, were created by a pair of primordial gods. But this couple remains inaccessible to our understanding.

Vodouns play the role of intermediaries between humans, the gods and creation. They are in a way a metaphor for artistic creation that tends to lift us up to the highest level of the human spirit.

These hybrid beings reveal themselves in many forms, as much as it is useful to organise social and individual life and to explain, even tame, the terrifying mysteries that surround us.
It is this « factory of the imagination », this « factory of forms », that William Adjété Wilson exploits here in all its aspects and in his usual way: whimsical, wild and sophisticated.

Wax textile collages on canvas

150X100cm and 200X150cm